Web Projects

A recent study found that 25% of web projects run over budget and 31% are delivered late.

Two main reasons why many web projects fail or go over budget and time are

  • they are not allowed to evolve after initial specification, and
  • there is no process in place to avoid costly re-work in the build stage

What Agile has done for software development can be adapted for web projects, be they websites, microsites, intranets or online applications.

When I take on your web project, I employ a multi-stage project process which ensures that

  • we explore options and sketch alternatives very early in the process
  • the site is designed from the viewpoint of its users - your customers
  • you have finished visuals in hand early, making it easy to get approval from your management
  • all interaction design is done before any code is written so we can change it without hurting the timeline or the bottom line

To implement your web project I work with the best people in the industry, all top specialists in their fields. You will receive a single quote and have me as the project manager ultimately responsible for quality and delivery.

Get in touch to find out how I can help with your web project.