User Experience Design

The most successful websites on the planet all have one thing in common:

They were designed with the user at the centre.

To ensure maximum relevance to users and get their full engagement, any website greatly benefits from being developed on the basis of user centered design principles.

The process involves

  • Defining personas representing users
  • Identifying their driving scenarios
  • Determining information and interaction elements satisfying the scenarios
  • Sketching the user experience using wireframes
  • Designing the visual language of the site
  • Developing a fully navigable front-end prototype

Key stages of this process should be tested with actual users to reality-check designs, sketches and prototypes.

A website or online application developed in this fashion will fulfil the requirements of its users and make them more likely to engage, spread the word or purchase.

To learn more about how to improve the user experience of your existing or new websites, get in touch with me.